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It would be nice if they would work with the Pocket Books and the novelists to bring those cancelled books in line with whatever it is they think they need to be synched. As a courtesy, you know.
A bit hard to make four lengthy novels sync with one movie and two yet-to-be-made sequels.

Be patient. Pocket paid out a lot of money for no $$$$ return - yet. They'll be pumping to tweak and release those books one day. We waited much longer for several other ST novels over the years.
It's going to be down to whether or not the new editorial regime at Pocket feels it necessary to make a return on investment on a previous editorial regime's expenditures.

If Pocket has written the books off as a loss, we'll probably never see them.

If Pocket wants to try and recoup their investment, though...

The best case scenario would, of course, be to publish them as they were in the last round of corrections/approvals.

Slightly less but still very good would be another round of rewrites to bring the books in line with the next film, the comics, and the new video game which Orci says is canonical.

Worst case scenario would be to avoid the whole Bad Robot problem and publish them, after rewrites, as classic TOS novels. (I don't know if any of the four books could possibly work in Roddenberry Trek, but it might be a possible out.)
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