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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

For what it's worth, Before Dishonor is not a direct lead-in to Destiny. If it had been, there would've need to hire me to write Greater Than the Sum. My brief for GTTS was to resolve the plot threads left dangling in the wake of Before Dishonor, thereby clearing the board, and then maneuvering the pieces into place for the next story, which was Destiny. So BD is the end of the mini-sequence of TNG novels that began with Resistance, GTTS is the transitional work that wraps up that mini-sequence and sets up the next phase, and Destiny is the beginning of the next phase.

And yes, both BD and Destiny involve Borg invasions, but what often gets overlooked is that they're unrelated Borg invasions. Resistance and BD are attacks by a single, isolated cube that happened to have been close enough to the Alpha Quadrant after the Borg transwarp network went down that it could reach and menace the Federation within a few years after that event. Destiny is an invasion by the entire weight of the Collective, which just coincidentally happens to begin only half a year after the previous Borg assault ended.
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