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Re: Blurb for What Judgments Come

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Now that clearly says you believe that stories will continue post Storming Heaven on Starbase 47 and the Taurus Reach which from what has been said is clearly not the case.
No, it doesn't "clearly" say anything like that at all. Clearly, I don't know more than most everyone else here. I'm allowed to throw out speculations just like everyone else. You don't have to read them.

As I said, unless they destroy the station and kill everyone, other related adventures could still take place there. Or elsewhere. Presumably some of the characters survive (well, we know Nogura, Terrell and Carol do, for a start).

Okay, any continuation won't be "Vanguard", but it's not necessarily "The End". The characters in "Vanguard" are good, strong, popular characters. Good, strong, popular characters are bound to return. Even dead ones.
The Art of the Impossible includes a 24th century T'Prynn working with Elias Vaughn out of a Starbase 47.
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