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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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I had heard rumours that the Destiny-era books were questionable
So you heard some rumours and picked this book at random? Peter David novels (both ST and non ST) are pretty predictable in the characters' irreverent humour at unlikely times. They are not typical of all other ST novels.

You're going to judge an entire franchise, written by many, on one novel?
No, I had heard that the Destiny series was nonsensical dross capped by a gigantic and implausible deus ex machina, and that said dross began with Before Dishonour. Being a grumpy and contrary git, I decided to ignore the advice of my buddies and give it a try. I am regretting that, and you will in fact notice when reading my post, I did solicit opinions on whether or not the series improves.(EDIT: To be fair, upon rereading, I did not make this last point adequately clear in the original post, so I concede the point)

As to the humour, I take it that comment is meant to refer to the Pluto quote; judging by the context, it was not intended as humour, which leads me to conclude it was just godawful writing.
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