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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming


You state that you wouldn't notice the cropping 95% of the time, and I find that extremely hard to believe. Do you mean that 95% its not so bad that it actually distracts you from the viewing or do you honestly mean that you wouldn't realize the product was cropped 95% of the time. Because the two are widely different.

I have never watched a program that was cropped where I didn't realize something was wrong with the image. Not a single time.

Be it in movies that were pan and scanned that I never watched as intended as films. To shows that I initially saw cropped before finding the originals.

Now my boyfriend couldn't care less, he is absolutely for 16:9 not because he doesn't notice the cropping, but because the black bars visually distract him. He fills the same way about letter boxing a film. He cannot abide the black bars (either on the side or top).

For him its not that he doesn't notice the crop, its that the boxing is a bigger distraction.

Which is again a completely different issue.
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