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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Hmm... last I checked, 7 of 9's still being written about...
Aswell as The Doctor.

Anyway, enough of this Janeway nonsense. I demand to know when PB is bringing back Keiran Duffy!?! I refuse to buy any of the latest Corps of Engineers products until this occurs.
LOL! I miss CoE.

I, for one, have enjoyed 7 of 9's story arc since Full Circle. Kirsten writes her (and the other tv characters) spot on. I loved The Doctor's scenes with Tom, B'Elanna, and Miral in this book and hope to see more of the same.

I also hope we see a story in the future featuring the USS Galen. I've always wanted a medical mini-series somewhat along the lines of CoE. Perhaps the opportunity for that is in the DQ.

I have to add Commander O'Donnell to my list of favorite new characters along with Afsarah Eden (can't wait to have her story unfold) and Hugh Cambridge (loved his appearance in the holodeck with Tom and Harry!)

Have any of you seen this?
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