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Re: Episode #96: "Half a Life"

Probably the only Lwaxanna episode I enjoy. She's a fun character, but best in small doses, & not one I enjoy seeing episodes revolve around... except for this one. Here we have an episode that does a few things well. Firstly, the parts are written & acted well. Plus, instead of her free spirit philosophy being treated as its usual personal immaturity/denial issue, it's treated with more regard, as something of a cultural issue, placed in opposition to a contrary type of culture, and... neither of them are humans.

It's always good to see non-human races interacting realistically, and playing off of the stereotypical attributes that Trek places on their alien races. It's one of the things that makes DS9 great, but TNG didn't have as diverse a group of regular aliens to draw upon in that regard, but once in a while they managed to pull it off anyhow, like in this episode

This was the episode that made me see Lwaxanna in a different light. It actually made me finally think about her character, and I now knew what it was that Deanna's Starfleet father has seen in her, such that he would pretty well worship her. She & perhaps many Betazoid women were like one of the Trek universe's most alluring and disarming of women. They can make you appreciate life more

I think all in all, of her 6 appearances on TNG, only two of them really did anything to develop the character in any meaningful way, this episode, & Dark Page. Cost of Living touched a bit on her denial issues, but just stands as a rather annoying episode, all around
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