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Re: Blurb for What Judgments Come

This sounds really rather brilliant, like many other people not having read Reap the Whirlwind yet and only reading Harbinger and Summon the Thunder and loving them both, I'll have to hunt this illusive title down and then read the subsequent titles.

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Huh, I was under expecting at least several more years worth of Vanguard stories...

And, unless they destroy the station, other adventures could still take place there.
From what David said in this very thread and how the creative team of Mack, Ward, Dilmore and Palmieri have crafted this story from the very beginning and have always said it would come to an end, it will end. Starbase 47 will be no more and the (selected) events of Operation Vanguard will go down in the annals of history according to Paths of Disharmony. Some of the characters may show up, some of the events will be alluded to, but Vanguard will end as a series.
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