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New interview with Greg Cox

My interview with Greg Cox is now online over at Unreality SF.

We talked about his recently released Warehouse 13 novel A Touch of Fever, his upcoming TOS novel The Rings of Time, his canceled Star Trek (2009) novel The Hazard of Concealing and more.

Greg’s next project, which he is actually “about halfway through writing” just as we’re doing this interview, is the Star Trek: The Original Series novel The Rings of Time, a “time-travel novel involving Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher and Earth’s first manned mission to Saturn (as mentioned in the old TOS episode Tomorrow is Yesterday.) Shaun Christopher appears briefly in my Eugenics Wars books and I always meant to get back to him someday. It’s also very much a Kirk novel. Probably a good half of the book is told from his POV.”
You can read the full interview here.


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