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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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I think you missed the point of Sammy's joke. I think he was stating that the cashiers were thinking "X-Men: First Class" was a Wolverine movie.
I got that.

If a new Wolverine movie had come out I would know it.

Admiral_Young wrote:
In this question and answer article Singer clearly states that "X-Men: First Cass" is a prequel.
I just quoted from the same link. It comes down to the relevance of the so-called "concessions". In light of these, the right answer probably would have been "a bit of both". However, it's not entirely clear what Singer's definition of "reboot" is. If a reboot means among other things that all parts are necessarily recast, I could see how the inclusion of Jackman and Romijn would seem un-rebootlike. Whatever this thing is called, it is a prequel which is only intended to partially match up with the previous films.
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