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Just Beaming In ...

OK, so I've just joined the forum, and I'm very scared like a newbie on his first day at Starfleet Academy .. you will all be nice to me won't you???

Grew up with Star Trek TNG, loved ST TOS as a kid, never got round to watching Voyager, DS9 or Enterprise. Having a bit of an early mid life crisis, and I'm now getting back into Trek. So ... DS9 box sets bought, Voyager box sets bought, Enterprise box sets bought, old Trek books dusted off from the bookshelf and I'm now regaining some of that old Trek magic again.

I'll have a browse around and maybe join in some of the convos, I can't pretend I'm a fully paid up member of the Trek world, but I'm going to start from the bottom and work my way up

See you all around!
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