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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

I don't think it is a reboot in the sense we've come to expect a reboot. Like I also this this Green Lantern sequel talk is them attempting a do over ala Norton's Hulk to Lee's Hulk. First Class doesn't totally wipe the slate clean for the previously films- maybe it picks and chooses but doesn't dismiss all. Does it however reinvigorate the franchise with fresh blood? Yes. Really, are the Star Wars prequels considered reboots? Of course not. But did they add new stars and storylines to the series? Yes (we'll ignore all the death strikes it did for now!) First Class offers what happened to these people in a different part of the timeline. And hey, maybe they didn't get all the facts straight if you want to get finite but big whoop.

I know everyone says domestic is where the BO numbers are at. Isn't the 330 such mil worldwide a major number? If they end with 350 worldwide and can do 30 to 50 in video sales, that is a huge chunk.

And Halle Berry may have been a draw for the originals, but she wasn't exactly top notch as Storm. And I agree, the cast wasn't as huge then as they are now. Even though I don't consider First Class a reboot, I would like more familiar mutants in its sequels. I would like to see the younger originals in keeping with the first films. Heck, its kind of funny, but some of the younger folks from the earlier films could feasibly play their younger characters if they get a move on with it. And yes, yes, I know someone is going to tell me that is impossibe to have someone who was a team in the early 2000s be a teen in the 70s, but we are beyond the Soap Opera Aging stuff now. Really, I always thought the first film had a fudged timeline, as it said it took place in the not to distant future, yet still had Magneto being a victim of the Holocaust. I always thought that should have made him like 70 in the original film, but big whoop. When you have great performances and quality story telling, you can forgive all that.

Although I much rather would see a proper cinematic Gambit
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