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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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^ If they go that way, younger mutants etc, what's to distinguish it from First Class? At least a sequel to FC would build on the goodwill and critical acclaim from that movie. Yet a further X-Men crew, with more unknown actors and characters would face the same problems as FC.
Well, the advantage of an X4 would mean you could secure Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry again, who were the real draws of the first three movies (at least to mainstream audiences).

We could see more familiar faces like Anna Paquin (Rogue), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) and Daniel Cudmore (Colossus). You could even bring back mutants like Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler) and Kelsey Grammer (Beast).

Plus, if Singer (or whoever directs the movie) is adventurous, he could try and rectify some of the deaths of the last movie and somehow bring back James Marsden (who was never really shown as dead) and Famke Janssen but that's entirely up to Singer, the writers, the producers and 20th Century Fox.

Like I said, I think a sequel to X-Men: First Class is much more likely at this point, but there's still a lot of interest and potential with an X4 that could make it very viable, at least for the studio (especially if Shuler-Donner can sway Singer to direct).
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