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Re: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Babe of the week #27 (July 2011)

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Ahhh yes, Thin Blond Supermodel Body Type 47-B, this we've seen before.
Yes we have. And it's a Thumbs Up every time.
But, see, that's just it. Nothing about her, for me, makes her stand out. She's just another skinny blond model I can open to the JC Penny underwear ads in the paper and see 10 women who look just like her. She doesn't stand out above the rest and lacks a certain "something" that makes her unique and special. Which is why I give her -and most blonds- a sideways. They're too common and to me they all look the same and don't rise above the rest.

What's wrong with Kirsten Dunst? I've always found her very attractive.
Snaggletooth, bird legs, pointy chin, hammer toes, skin that looks like Oscar Mayer lunchmeat....
Out of hope.
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