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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Looks good so far. I'm sure the actual release will be an unmitigated clusterfuck.
It's a Minecraft tradition now! It would be sad if Notch chose to break it by releasing a perfect 1.8 patch.

Seriously, I usually update on the first day (after waiting for a bugfix update), but I might wait a few days with 1.8. As excited as I am for it, they're adding so many game-changing things that something major is bound to go wrong and I don't want to start my game to find hostile pigmen destroying my town.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Oh, that looks awesome, Ben! Unless I'm wrong, those look like new blocks in the second picture.
There seems to be at least 3 new blocks (grey brick, and the mossy/broken variants) and iron bar doors. These were confirmed as new blocks and not replacement textures for old blocks.

On the first picture though, what the heck is that red tree?? Or is that the giant mushroom?
I'm pretty sure that's a giant red mushroom to go along with the giant brown mushroom. Honestly, I'm a bit wary of the idea of giant mushroom forests, but I'll wait to see what Notch has planned for them before calling them stupid.
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