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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Tried to start up a new playthrough of the Black Ops campaign as I still had some achievements left to pick up, but...blegh.

The campaign itself is fine, but Treyarch's version of the CoD engine is just so awful and clunky. I can't believe how bad it plays compared to Infinity Ward's games.
I went through Blops and then MW2 to get 1000/1000 on both. So I had to play both on Veteran. Now, I'm not saying MW2 wasn't cheap at times... but the sheer volume of places in Blops where you get shredded to bits for having one exposed pixel of your arm hanging out is insane.

I went back to a bit of Blops for multiplayer since the new map pack came out. I wonder what the hell Treyarch is talking about. They said boy Nuketown is a popular map, we want to to give people a similar map that they'll also love. The thing is, Drive-In maybe aesthetically is somewhat like Nuketown, thin walls, retro 50s feel... but that's not the reason Nuketown is popular. Nuketown is popular because it's a small spamfest. Drive-In is comparatively huge, it plays completely differently.
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