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Re: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Babe of the week #27 (July 2011)

I agree with Trekker and I'm going with 'sideways'. She has that generic supermodel look and doesn't stand out from the crowd. However, after seeing Transformers and having read up on her, I do like her a little more than I did over the last year.

Here's what Shia LaBeouf has to say about her...

"Every time Michael gave her direction that I remember Megan not being able to deal with -- or react strangely to -- Rosie would shrug it off like, 'It's nothing.' And I remember being like 'That's nothing? Really?' And she's like, 'Yeah, I come from Victoria's Secret,' saying it with pride. And that gives her strength.

"There are some women who are beautiful, but don't find strength from their beauty and shut down and become very insular. And I think Megan became insular. And the worst place to become insular is as the lead actress on a Michael Bay film.

"Rosie found a way to be pleasant on set constantly, very pleasant to everyone. She was workhorse. She was never late. She never f----- up dialogue. She was a consummate professional the entire time she was there and she's very, very good in the movie."

Saw her on some recent covers...

Looked in Maxim and saw some nice shots...

Fun fact... Her boyfriend is Jason Statham...

Hope Shia kept it in his pants.

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