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Re: The Prime Directive

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Yeah but there are no politicians.
Regardless of the form of the federation's government, any persons in the upper levels of that government, forming policy and making decisions, would be a "politician."

As far as Earth is concerned in Star Trek. Its a utopian planet ...
Problem is, we've seen so little of Earth, it really is hard to definitely state that it's "a utopia." At best, Earth might be a generally pleasant place, kind of in line with the present day western nations. Not strictly speaking a paradise, but still okay. But even in the 24th century, there could be a segment of the population who don't fit into the societal norm. It's almost inevitable. How will Earth's greater society treat these people.

Bele: "We've got your kind penned ... into little districts, and it's not going to change."

People are free to live whatever lifestyle they choose (as long as its legal)
That's basically what we have now. Problem is the "as long as its legal" part. Don't get me wrong, enormous societies will need rules to exist. But there is the threat that "politicians" will take those rules beyond the minimal necessary, and the minimal possible.

Paradon wrote: View Post
Switzerlands is the only country that has never had any terrorist attack because they have chosen to remain nuetral and never taken sides or get involved in any foreign wars.
You have to admit, all that would make Switzerland a crappy ally.

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