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Re: Sigils/SigCat: "A Dark Creation Tale"

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And most disturbing, how you describe the differences in Earth history--Saul of Tarsus (whom in our universe becomes known as "St. Paul", author of much of the New Testament) does not truly repent of his acts of persecution, George Washington does not reject the appeal to make him king of America...and so on.
The fact that Saul only temporarily turned from his ways is a particularly critical event.

As for Washington...we were THIS close, in our universe. We could easily have gone that way but did not because of one individual's decision.

Does King Andrew Jackson simply kill off or enslave the Indian tribes?
Jackson wouldn't need much of a push to be MU material...he was pretty much there already, right down to ritually murdering his enemies. It would not surprise me at all if he were one of the kings who set MU America on such a bloody path. Perhaps even the one who established assassination as a traditional means of advancement (or gave it some form of legal sanction). That makes a scary amount of sense, actually.

Does Emperor Woodrow Wilson conquer Europe? Does Emperor Ronald Reagan nuke Russia, and with the world under his thumb, begin to spead the Terran Empire into space?
Interesting possibilities. What about an Emperor Kennedy pulling off a Stalinesque personality cult and conducting purges?

Well done.
Thank you for reading.
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