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Re: Sigils/SigCat: "A Dark Creation Tale"

Wow. A most fascinating take on the origins of the Mirror Universe, from a most unlikely perspective.

Fascinating connections--the Sirah's "Orb Fragment", B'hala, and so on.

And most disturbing, how you describe the differences in Earth history--Saul of Tarsus (whom in our universe becomes known as "St. Paul", author of much of the New Testament) does not truly repent of his acts of persecution, George Washington does not reject the appeal to make him king of America...and so on.

I wonder if, after this, Hamilton does lead American forces to seize all French territory in the Western Hemisphere, in the MU--rather than being held back by Adams and Jefferson?

Does King John Adams initiate an "Alien and Sedition Act" far more devastating than the one he signed in our universe? Does King Andrew Jackson simply kill off or enslave the Indian tribes? Does Emperor Woodrow Wilson conquer Europe? Does Emperor Ronald Reagan nuke Russia, and with the world under his thumb, begin to spead the Terran Empire into space?

As Spock would say, "There are always...possibilities."

Well done.
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