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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The USS Davenport is a refitted Excelsior class starship refitted with the best technology Starfleet has to offer.

Her mission derives from the ancient United States Coast Guard on Earth. In 2382 a major peace treaty was signed between the Federation and Klingon and Romulan Empires. Open trading began between the tree powers and it became necessary for an elite service to be formed so that the shipping lanes could be protected.

Later that year a charter was signed that formed the Starfleet Cutter Revenue Service.

The USS Davenport was assigned to the service with the simple mission of patrolling and policing the area of space. This is an experimental mission and if the Davenport is successful more ships will be assigned similar missions throughout the quadrant.

This is no ordinary simm we will not be going where no one has gone before. We are charged with protecting the borders of Federation space and patrolling the shipping lanes. It is going to be tough and only the brave will survive.

"Semper Paratus", Translated to English means 'Always Ready"

Open positions include

Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Of Operations
Chief Engineer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Second Officer
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