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Well I started it on up, Did they increase the depth of Rock since Alpha? as it seems like it took FOREVER to drive a shaft to bedrock. I also assume that 10 blocks above bedrock is still a "Sweet spot" for mining?

Yesterday I played some, leveled off one area that will be used as something (Perhaps a rail depot) then I found a outcropping that was ideal, leveled off, and built a house (In the Micheal Bay style, out by the sea, with large windows, and not much furniture) Also have my mine (Mine #001, Claudia Black Mine (I name mines after attractive girls)) Which consists of my first home base, then a long stairwell down to 10+ above bedrock, and smoothed out a little chamber, but hardcore mining has not commenced. Did a little exploring, and I really like some of the areas for future projects, as I have some flat areas for townbuilding and so on, and then also a good rock face for a underground city. forgot how additive this game is.
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