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Re: Gabrielle Anwar: Babe of the week #26 (June 2011)

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Dude, she's only 40 that's not that old.
As a 41 year old, I can state with authority that that's not old at all.
I'm 32 and while I would admit to not wanting a 40 year-old woman as a partner (the whole kid thing) I still find plenty of women in their 40s and even 50s who're attractive. I don't think a person's age should have any impact on how attractive they are as there can be hot women in their 50s and ugly women in their 20s. For people to write off a woman's appearance just because she's over some arbitrary age is, frankly, stupid.
People aren't writing her off just because she's over some arbitrary age. But there's no denying that as people get over a certain age, they generally start looking worse. This is not a rule by any means, but it's a generalization that is true enough for the sake of Valar's initial statement.

Some women look great even past their 50s, while other girls look hagged even by age 30. And I know peole who have even gotten better with age, even at 40. So it certainly isn't a reason in itself to write anyone off. I voted this BOTW way down, and I can tell you that her age had nothing to do with it (can't say I think she looks any better young).
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