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Re: June Contest Entry: "And Tomorrow I Shall Light the Flame"

Oh, my, I could almost feel Berat's pain when he had to sign Poor thing

That part with "they" reminded me so much of many literature works of different authors--and all related to one country: the Soviet Union. They also had them, "those whose name should not be spoken". Welcome to the totalitarian system!

Now, Yejain seemed to be shocked to hear all those things from Berat. Not that Berat didn't make sense, but his deep wounds and unhealed scars give him (Berat) a perspective that others don't share. He even appears to realise that his own views are quite extreme, but at the same time he believes he is right.

I'm glad to see that he realises that getting rid of the Dominion would create an emptiness and something has to be planned to fill it. Even if he doesn't know what yet, he does think that far; he understands that removing the Dominion from Cardassia is just a step forward and not the ultimate goal. He knows that after that the work wouldn't be finished.

He also says a lot about what he doesn't want Cardassia to be, but I don't see any particular idea what it should be. It's like he rejects everything and doesn't want to choose anything, even though something must be chosen. Not necessarily from the old options, but he doesn't seem to have any "new" options. I know he doesn't think he should make any decisions and doesn't feel qualified, but I'm under an impression that he would light the flame to make sure the evil is gone...and then stay in the emptiness, not being able to decide what to do it with, although he knows that something must be done. And he still might not like or accept what happens after the Dominion is gone.

He appears to be desperately seeking order and not finding it anywhere. He believes it exists, that it's not a myth, but he can't find it and he doesn't see any proofs o f its existence--not in the Union, that is certain. And I think Yejain realised that Berat doesn't want to destroy the order, but to find the real order, not its mockery, and that's why he decided to support his gul.
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