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Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

My shuttlecraft projects are still alive and progressive...albeit sometimes in a seemingly glacial manner.

At any rate even as I continue working on my TOS Class F shuttlecraft schematics and scratchbuild model I've also been keeping a hand in pushing my TAS adaptations forward. Those of you who have been following my shuttlecraft works may recall that I gone through easily four major design concepts in trying to fashion a "realistic' TOS live-action version of the shuttlecraft designs seen in TAS' "The Slaver Weapon," "Mudd's Passion" and the aquashuttle in "The Ambergris Element."

Previous versions all had something to recommend them...except a major element always bothered me to some extent or other: no matter how interesting the design it just didn't resonate enough to evoke the original TAS design. And so I'd go back to the drawing board and sketchpad to try again. This time I swore to make it work and not commit to detailed and scaled drawings until I got something I was satisfied with.

It's understood that a "real" version of the TAS shuttlecraft will never be exactly as seen onscreen. The TAS designs are way off scale, being much too large and with exaggerated proportions. They also lack a lot of detail. But I still think I can make them work. Even though they will depart from the onscreen versions to some extent they should still be immediately recognizable.

And here is my final attempt:

Note this is not the only drawing I have. While still a work-in-progress it's just one image from the multiple view schematics that are nearing completion. And I will be rendering them in the same sheet styles as my TOS shuttlecraft drawings. Note also there is still some intended detail yet to be added to this drawing. I can say that like the onscreen version it has an aft access hatch, but it doesn't function like the one seen onscreen. That one operated like many of the familiar doors seen aboard the Enterprise. Instead this one opens in two parts with a swing down gangway and an upward swinging upper panel. The vehicle's interior is meant to accommodate up to four people since this is meant as a small fast transport craft. The onscreen versions tended to be rather sharp edged looking designs and spare in detail. My intention is to soften the overall look to some extent, round off the edges some and add some much needed detail where appropriate.

The crewman included in the image represents someone about 5'-10" or 1.778m. to give the image a sense of scale. I don't have any hard dimensions yet, but they are forthcoming. Presently I estimate this design to be perhaps 35ft. in length. I've given the craft a starbase registry to underline the idea that these designs are specialized craft assigned to starbases and outposts and loaned out to deep space starships for specific missions.

Stay tuned.
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