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Re: Star Wars novels: What to read?

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I couldn't stand the Darth Bane books. Jedi vs. Sith tells the same story way better.
I loved the Darth Bane books . I thought they painted a pretty compelling portrait of a Sith Lord, and it was cool to tell the story from the other side. Though I was initially thrown off by the cartoony style of the Jedi v. Sith graphic novel, I did wind up liking the story. JvS isn't essential to reading the Bane trilogy, however it does make it a more enjoyable total experience. If inclined, recommend reading JvS first, because it would serve as a prequel, of sorts, to the Bane trilogy. At latest, read it between Path of Destruction and The Rule of Two. From my recollection, JvS only covers roughly the end of the first Bane novel (PoD) and the beginning of the second (RoT). Most of the events in RoT take place after JvS, so the graphic novel is not completely telling the same story. Also, the final Bane novel, Dynasty of Evil is not too tied to JvS at all.

When I think about it Vin Diesel would make for an awesome Bane; though Michael Clarke Duncan was in my head when I was reading them.

Regarding the Sith-focused books, I recommend Decieved, which featured Darth Malgus, the main Sith from the Old Republic game trailers. I was pleasantly surprised by how much dimension was added to the guy, making him even more badass. There's also Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, which is a prequel to The Phantom Menace, and it is something of a fix for those who thought Maul got short shrift in TPM.

Someone mentioned the novel Crosscurrent, which takes place around the time of the Legacy of the Force series, it isn't a standalone; there's a follow-up novel coming out either this summer or fall. Though fandom is probably mixed on the Star Wars zombie novels, I enjoyed both Deathtroopers and Red Harvest; especially Deathtroopers which takes place during the OT; Harvest takes place during the Old Republic era.

Since the OP has read Dark Nest I guess you could venture into Legacy of the Force. Definitely read Legacy of the Force before you get into the ongoing Fate of the Jedi series. I think the reaction though with both Legacy and Fate has been very mixed. The New Jedi Order didn't sit well with some fans, though I got the impression that it was better received than either Legacy or Fate. So, I too recommend exploring the NJO more, though I only read about half the books: Vector Prime, Dark Tide duology, Edge of Victory duology, Star By Star, Destiny's Way, and The Unifying Force. Have Traitor, which many fans have recommended, but haven't read it yet. I'm not that big into the writer Matt Stover. But many SW fans swear by him.

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