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Re: Star Wars novels: What to read?

The Adventures of Lando Calrissian trilogy, not your typical Star Wars novels, they are a bit more out there, but the author captured who a young Lando would be fantastically.

The Black Fleet Crisis is a great series as well, full of great military action, adventure and politics. However, one of the plot lines involves Luke looking for his mother and the prequels does remove the mystery that was originally there.

For the comic, I'd recommend reading the Dark Empire series (I, II, Empire's End). A lot of important stuff happens within the series, though I'm sure someone will come along and slam the series because they didn't like it.

If you are going to get into Legacy of the Force and later Fate of the Jedi. I think you'd benefit from reading the Jedi Academy trilogy and Darksaber as they do a lot of work in building who Daala is and as well as Kyp Durron.
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