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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

Hello folks,

Thanks to all those who have added their thoughts. Just thought I'd pop in and address a couple of things...

Christopher wrote: View Post
And isn't Miral aging a lot more slowly that past Klingon kids we've seen? She's three and she's acting like a three-year-old, if that. By the time Alexander was three, the actor playing him was more like eight or nine, I think. But then, Miral is only a quarter Klingon, isn't she?
Yeah, she is 1/4 Klingon and I always figured having the kids play older on TV was more a casting thing than an iron-clad rule about how various species and hybrids age. Even if we accept that Klingon kids age faster, I think Miral is/should stick closer to a human child.

rfmcdpei wrote: View Post
Might I add a me too?

I have all three novels--bought Full Circle twice after I thought I lost my first copy--and look forward to getting more as they come out. As others have said, you've gotten the whole optimistic Trek ethos down, of exploring new civilizations and types of beings and remaining hopeful throughout.

Would it be entirely wrong to say that your novels' major theme (one major theme) is the ongoing recovery of everyone involved--Alpha Quadrant, Delta Quadrant--from the Borg? I like good recovery sagas.
You may, and thanks for the compliments. I'm glad my vision appeals to you. As to the "recovery" theme...I don't know. It's not something I'm doing consciously. As a rule, I write from characters and less from a desire to explore larger themes overall. The nature and development of the Children in this story came from a particular real world idea I've been troubled by of late, but to go any bigger in terms of all three...I'll leave that to you guys and folks interested in more critical thinking about the stories. I honestly can't do both at the same time. If you're thinking like a literary analyst at the same time you're trying to create something, you end up censoring stuff. So I just kind of do what I do and leave it to others to analyze.

Kes wrote: View Post
this book is just what i need and in the sample which is 4 chapters long kes was in it yes now im going get the tree version too.
I'm glad what you read inspired you to pick up the dead tree version, but do be aware that though Kes is referenced in the story in terms of her impact and to note that she is still very much in the hearts and minds of the characters, she's not actually physically present in the novel. I'm worried something you read might have given you the wrong impression there, know...fair warning.

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