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Re: The Prime Directive

The reasons for not interfering and taking sides is because we don't know for sure what that might do to other civilizations (countries), and most of the time it's going to turn out bad, more or less (look at all the terrorist threat the U.S. has gotten over the years and genocides that we helped started in other countries). I think it is misguided to trust the politicians (or in this case the Star Fleet officers) to make those decisions for us whether or not we should get involved in foreign wars or nation building because these people are not enlightened or wise and knowlegeble enough to foresee any future problems that may arises. This sort of stuff is not an exact science...the same is true for psychology...because people problems and behaviors is very, very complex and a lot of things play roles on what choices we make and it's not certain why some people choose to do things that they do, even if you ask the perpetrators, they might not even know for sure what the problem really is themselves. And plus now we have pissed off Romulans by exposing them. The Romulans didn't do this on their own, the Klingons (Durass sisters) asked them for help. We shouldn't take sides and try to police everyone. We can't do that all the time and you can't force people to swallow the stuff you think is right. These things take time and we have to show our good intention by not getting involve with anybody. We can try to change their opinions by diplomacy and economic incentive which works better since no one dies and economic incentives help improve their people's living standards. Angry people can be made happy again, but you can't bring back dead people, according to Thomas Jefferson and Tsung'su. If the Federation and U.S. stick to this believe by not getting involve, more and more people will start to listen and probably model their constitutions after the Founding Fathers, or in this case the Fed's Constitutions. Switzerlands is the only country that has never had any terrorist attack because they have chosen to remain nuetral and never taken sides or get involved in any foreign wars. If you want people to listen and not having to worried about getting your country bombed to bits, then taking a nuetral stand is much better. We later see the Romulans plotting in secrecy to destroy the Federation by assasinating all the Senators and giving the power to Shinzon so he would do it for them. They have even gone so far as planning to kidnap Picard and replace him with a clone of him. So now the Fed also have to put up with pissed off Romulans. And by making the Klingons our ally, I'm sure other alien powers (for example, the Romulans), that were the Klingons' enemies, wished that the Fed would also suffer the same fate. It doesn't make any sense by signing the peace treaty with the Klingons and then trying to prevent outsiders from interfering in Klingons politics. They are already knee deep in shit. That's jut bad policies.
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