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Fallout New Vegas PS3 or 360?

I plan to buy Fallout New Vegas this week since its now 9.99 brand new from and I was wondering which platform is the game better on? I LOVED Fallout 3 (GOTY) and had it on the 360 but by then it had undergone several patches and I hear anyway that New Vegas is just not as stable as Fallout 3 though I hope patches have helped.

I hear different things about the game on each platform and I would prefer to get it on the PS3 because I would like to start buying some games for it since I brought it as I can't trust my 360 really (reading disc issues in past) and the PS3 HDD would help A LOT with the DLC.

Is the PS3 version stable? or full of frame rate issues among other bugs as I found out recently with AC: Brotherhood when compared to the 360 version.
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