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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

Finally finished reading both the book and this crazy thread. Overall, I really enjoyed the book.

I especially loved the way Kirsten wrote the O'Donnell/Fife stuff. Starting out, I really felt like Fife was in the right, and O'Donnell was the one who needed to be taken out. Then, slowly, Kirsten gave us more of a window into both of their thought processes, and brought us to the point where Fife was obviously the one in the wrong. It was a smooth, book-long transition that really worked for me.

My main mark against the book is Eden's function aboard Voyager. I cringed every time I saw her give orders to Voyager's crew regarding the running of the ship - the job of the ship's captain if ever there was one. The worst example (but not the only one) was in chapter 25: "Mister Paris, the bridge is yours. Captain Chakotay, with me, please." ... Shouldn't the Captain of the ship decide who is running it when he's not on the bridge? This could be chalked up to the fact that, until recently, Eden was the captain of the ship, but it was still out of place for me. The reason I gripe about it is because I felt like Chakotay was marginalized in the book. He should be in charge of his ship, and I felt like he instead spent most of this book as just Eden's sounding board/conscience/rival/whatever, as he was for Janeway in most of Voyager's run. Reducing him back to that role is a step backwards for the character, in my opinion.
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