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Re: Star Wars novels: What to read?

You might want to give some of the comics a try as well. Although with the exception of "Dark Empire" and "Legacy" they're mainly side-stories (Although still in the same canon as the novels), they're still often very good.

A few suggestions:

-Dark Empire trilogy. Although the art is unusual, and the story is a bit out there, it has a really epic feel, and bridges the gap between The Thrawn Trilogy and Jedi Academy Trilogy.

-X-wing comics. These comics came out roughly the same time as the novels, and are sort of a forerunner to them, introducing the character of Baron Fel who is important in later fiction and also showing the rise of semi-Empress Ysanne Isard.

Republic-Although set mostly during the prequels, these stories are pretty good and give us a grittier vision of the Clone Wars than the cartoon series (unfortunately they'll also been largely de-canonized by that same series). The best tales are those featuring Quinlan Vos, a sort of rogue Jedi.
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