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Re: copycat horror/scifi films

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Are you actually holding up Starship Troopers II as an example of an original film that has been copied?
No not at all. I was only using the plot of STII as an example: trapped on a remote outpost fighting off aliens attacking them within the outpost just like Aliens (1986).

Look its a genre and I get that. I think it started with Alien (1979) where an alien is coming to attack the humans within a large complex/facility. Resident Evil (2002) has the same genre idea just not with aliens.

These are all very old ideas. Alien was inspired by classic sf films from the fifties like The Thing from Another World and It! The Terror from Beyond Space. And that's not even counting countless old war movies about outnumbered soldiers trapped in remote outposts like Zulu, Gunga Din, or The Lost Patrol . . ..

And, of course, ghost ships date back at least as far as the Flying Dutchman, the Marie Celeste, and Bram Stoker's ill-fated Demeter . . ..
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