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[GAME] Trek Screencap Game: In a Screencap, Darkly

Hello and welcome to the Great Trek Screencap game!

For those of you unfamiliar with this, the concept is simple, One player posts a screencap from a Trek episode or Film, then the rest of us take guesses trying to figure out which one it is. The person who guesses correctly wins and gets to post the next one.

Now, lets check out the scores from the last contest, listed chronologically from the contestants first victories:

Kentrats47: 19
LeadHead: 29
Chris3123: 1
Flying Spaghetti Monster: 4
VonFrank: 1
Orac: 7
Bad Atom: 11
Merky: 1
KirkPicard: 7
Jaytrek: 2
Distorted Humor: 2

At the end of the last thread, Bad Atom had scored the final point, so now, Mr. Bad Atom would you please get the ball rolling?
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