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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

I dunno... having seen a fully-3D version of the K'Teremmy, I've always thought it looked pretty slick. Similar enough to be a family, but different enough to serve a unique role.

The first time I saw the K'Teremny was in the "magazine" called "Starship Design." I know it's not available for sale anymore, but a quick web search turned this up...

This was published back in 1987 by Todd Guenther. As far as I know, this is the original source of the K'Teremny. There's some "fun" background info on that ship here. There's also quite a bit of other info on other ships.

Realize that this is the material which was coming out shortly after TWOK had been released... there was no TNG, or anything else... ONLY TOS and the first couple of TOS-related flicks.
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