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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I'll definitely be keeping an open mind during the rewatch. Already, Janeway is rising in my estimation and I even have an example of her attitude being readjusted by Kes in "Eye of the Needle" when she insists that the Doctor is just a hologram and not a living being.

I hope to find other examples as I continue on. The more I watch though, the more I'm starting to see some comparisons between Janeway and Kirk. That's can't be a bad thing.

As for the writers have the view of Janeway as being arrogant, I agree that while some do, most notably Peter David in Before Dishonor, others deal with her very well. Although Janeway isn't present in the relaunch novels by Kirsten Beyer (excluding Full Circle) her presence is clearly there in the hearts, souls and thoughts of the others.
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