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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

As you rewatch the series, be aware of the fact that many of her "adjustments" do not happen on screen--and realize that those changes may very well be a result of consultation with her crew. An example of this is the cooperative approach she and Chakotay use to anticipate problems with Seven in "Scorpion, Part 2." It happens during the commercial break. Another example is from "Equinox, Part 2," after she sends Chakotay to his quarters. She finally agrees to contact the aliens who provided the method of calling the aliens that Ransom used to power his ship. It's by dealing with them directly--exactly what Chakotay had been proposing--that she is able to save the ship. Again, this change happens off screen.

I don't know why the writers didn't show these collaborations on screen, but I suspect that they were not "exciting" enough. I often felt that the episodes had barely enough time to be well presented in the 42 minutes that are available in an hour-long program. I personally think "Shattered" offers us the clearest view of Janeway's management style, because we see her and Chakotay talking things through as they try to restore the ship. There is this conversation, for example:

CHAKOTAY: I suggest we take a page from your rule book. We try diplomacy.
JANEWAY: Fine, but the next page in that book says that when diplomacy fails, we need a backup plan.
CHAKOTAY: Something tells me you already have one.

While I am mildly disappointed to see fans repeat the oft-stated (overstated?) claim that Janeway is arrogant, overly confident, and isolated, I am truly dismayed when PB writers echo those sentiments. I think, like you, all of them need to rewatch the series after taking off their "blinders."
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