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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I don't buy that nonsense yet. DC Ent committed a great deal to this project, we know some significant work on a treatment and script has been going on since last year. This could be just talk but we've seen sequels green lit over the course of time...Craig I'm surprised with your view on this...remember the Narnia thread? We waited almost three months or so before Magician's Nephew was green lit.
With Narnia we have precedent that WW gross was a proven mark of encouragement towards getting another movie out of the series. With Warners I see how they handled Returns as a precedent for what is going to happen with Green Lantern. The movie has a staggered international release but even if it does a type of 60/40 split we sometimes see GL isn't going to do $400m WW, which Returns essentially had. Even taking out the 18yrs of development cash the budget for Returns was essentially $200m so that's why I feel as if we are seeing a likely rehash going on here.

Warners sunk lots of cash into Returns, like GL, and the ultimate decision was to let it go fallow and try again later. I didn't hate GL, really only kinda liked it. There are worse movies, worse comic book movies but based on the uneven response to this movie that tilts towards the unsatisfied and current financial take I think I'm looking at it rationally.
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