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It's not a hangup of mine at all, I'm just morbidly curious as to why you keep doing this.
Honestly, if you're so disinterested in the details then why enter into discussions about those very details, fully aware of just how wilfully uninformed you are?

Ah...because my dear Watson....
I'm not "so disinterested" as you put it. That's a qualifier you felt necessary to add. Not I. I'm not sure it's not a hangup either when you call it a "morbid curiosity". (and it's you that brought it up instead of letting it go.)

Skywalker wrote: View Post
Lines tend to work best on two-dimensional displays.
That's wrong. Lines are Lines
How they are used to best represent demarcations is my field.

Given the necessary three-dimensional nature of space, it's kind of hard to define anyone's territory with lines.
That's also wrong.
There are any number of ways to define territory. One method is to associate by line all stars that belong to a particular home world by simply drawing a line from every star to it's homeworld. Very simple.

We don't know how much territory the krogans control, but given the Council's reaction to the Krogan Rebellions, it's probably not much more than their home system and maybe some of the systems within their cluster.
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