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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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What I'm sying is I felt he should have been more of a free spirit. Ethical, more, and non-selfish, yes but also more willing to stand up to Janeway when he felt she was wrong. He left Starfleet because he felt starfleet had lost its moral compass and had betrayed his people. i wanted to see him stand up to Janeway more, at least in private. There could have been some excellent debates between them such as whether or not to go after the omega particle but instead he always seemed to be a yes man.
Huh? That's exactly what did happen in episodes like "Scorpion" and "Equinox." Chakotay's arguments with Janeway over the right course of action, bordering on open defiance of policies he thought was wrong, were major driving factors in both those 2-parters. So he certainly didn't always defer to her.
But I don't think he ever challenged her anymore than any starfleet officers did their captains. First season Kira challenged Sisko more. I wanted some drama on the level of Lily and Picard in FC. Chakotay wasn't enough of a free thinker to me. His personality was definitely never explored as well in the show as it is in the books. I feel like I didn't get to know Chakotay as an individual until the relaunch.
Quoted for absolute truth. True, Chakotay did challenge Janeway a couple of times, but she just steamrolled him. Look at "Scorpion, Part II", when Chakotay dared to defy the wishes of the all-powerful Janeway by ending the alliance with the Borg, she relieved him of duty and locked him up in his quarters.

Considering how she treated him, I'm not surprised that he didn't stand up to her more often, although when he did it felt like lip service. As a result, Chakotay was my least favorite character, but Full Circle took him, sent him to hell and back and, as a result, gave us all a shared experience and insight into the man and a new-found respect.

OK, maybe he was a quiet and spiritual man who wasn't all about shouting his mouth off and defying the rules like Kira, but as first officer it was his job to make Janeway see that some of her decisions were misguided, maybe even moronic.

Just my two cents.

Edited to add: Maybe the problem is not just confined to Chakotay. I fail to recall a single incident where a member of her crew were able to change Janeway's mind. I may be wrong, I'm rewatching Voyager at the moment, but I'm only up to "Eye of the Needle".
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