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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

"Green Lantern 2" is still on track despite the "soft" box office.

This might be one of the rare times where I absolutely agree with Guy Gardner. Sinstro demonstrated throughout the course of the movie that he had no fear. He constantly ripped Hal for having fear and being a coward. Unless we were supposed to "Get in the head of the character" and some how realize that this is Sinestro actually being the one afraid then they did a poor job of writing the character to convey that. Sinestro was a great disappointment to me despite a fine performance by Mark Strong who captured all of his mannerisms. I got a big thrill when I saw him landing with his arms crossed over his shoulder...other than that though Sinestro was depicted incorrectly. I agree that it made no sense for him to put on the ring at the end of the post-credit scene other than the fact that we all know that he is supposed to. This is another case of the first movie feeling rushed and jam packed with story beats that we know are eventually paid off down the road.
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