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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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1/3600th of the universe is a little larger than one solar system.

I was more interested in noticing larger implications of the DCU that could see the JLA forming at some point.

God forbid his best pal "Green Arrow"?

I rewatched the Flash recently, and in one episode Barry calls a nosey reporter Lois Lane, who was not Lois Lane of course but the character "Linda Park" which makes you wonder if there was a Superman saving the world in that show every week too but slightly off camera?

Which would be millions of dollars in licensing.

But how much could Jimmy Olsen or Etta Candy cost?
Linda Park was/is a character from The Flash comic books. She was Wally West's love interest, and also a reporter. So... He wasn't calling "Lois Lane" but Linda Park.
Wally didn't exist in this TV show, or at least Barry dumped Iris West (Portrayed by a VERY young Paula Marshall) after the pilot, before she could introduce her nephew to Barry Allen in some feasible way that they couldn't have a relationship with Barry after the fact without it smelling a
little paedophililly like in Back to the Future.
Duh. Of course Wally wasn't in the show. That wasn't my point. Wally's series was going on at the time and the borrowed quite a few things from his series for the TV. For example, how the Flash's powers worked. At the time, Wally needed to eat a lot, just like TV Barry did.

They borrowed the character from the comic book.

Barry used the phrase "Lois Lane" (in this context) as a synonym from "plucky reporter" in reference to a recurring (Imdb says that she was only in the pilot, but just watched it. She was in at least 4 or 5 episodes) character called Linda Park who was probably Korean and more than likely a well maintained plus 50 years old. A touch long in the tooth to shine Kid Flash's cherry... Wait. This is 1990. This Linda Park SERIOUSLY predates the comics (Flash #28, 1989) ...Okay, so she doesn't, but the TV appearance might predate the romantic relationship? She was just a Flash hating foil in the beginning, and it was Tina McGee who was Wally's sweet heart thenabouts who Barry stole for the TV show.
You're babbling. And you're not making much sense... You're trying to somehow fit TV continuity into the Comic Book continuity... as if they aren't two separate properties that share ideas..., I'll let you go on with your madness...
Batman does not eat nachos.
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