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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Missed about 3/4 of an hour in the middle, as I had to leave just when you started to talk about the Starfleet Academy books and didn't return until after a bio break when you started to talk about Crusher and Jellico I think. The part I missed isn't covered by what is available on the livestream site so I guess I have to wait till it's up on youtube/itunes.

  • This episode was much better regarding the flow of the show
  • It's funny that everyone was complaining about the lag, whereas it was much better for me this week. There were lags, but not nearly as bad as last week.
  • Not sure yet what to think about the STO mission reviews. This one was O.K., since I knew the episode it was referring to, not sure if a review about a mission that doesn't have a connection to something I know will be able to hold my interest, I guess we'll find out in the future.
  • While the flow was much better, you really don't have to hold back on acknowledging people "on the set" so hard. It was pretty obvious sometimes that you wanted to do that, but then held back. As long as it doesn't happen every few minutes it's O.K., it's your show after all and you should have fun.
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