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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Hello all,

The second week of The G and T Show is in the books, and I hope (minus the tech issues we had) it was a tighter show for you to listen to. We admittedly got sidetracked a few times, but sidetracked as to talking about more writing in Trek, now dancing avatars. :-)

This week we covered:

• A review of the STO Foundry mission Return to Terra Nova from a writing standpoint (and we did discuss the Enterprise episode it is based on and the writing of that episode)

• A discussion about S&S and their social media, that Pocket Books doesn't even register (meaning they have no Twitter stream for PB or it is so sparely followed)

• Teri went to the comic con in Albuquerque, NM and spoke with Marina Sirtis, and Marina wanting a grassroots campaign as voice of computer in the new JJ film

• Guinan (a short discussion about how I felt that character was well written)

• ebooks/eReaders and Trek on them

• the character of Dr. Crusher, whom Teri just does not like and how the way she was written in TNG has caused the authors to write her character in the novels. This led to a discussion of Dr. Pulaski and then Captain Jellico, a character I love, and how Will Riker was NOT served well in the writing of Chains of Command. There was "discussion" with those who were in the chat room who (as people usually do) think the Picard style is better. Yes it was a kind of sidetrack, but the feedback on this segment in particular was very positive.

• We review and discuss Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward.

To reply to a few comments/questions:

Reanok: the show was about 3 1/2 hours both weeks, so a transcript is not really feasible for us. This week's is going up on YouTube and iTunes, so I am hoping those who wish to listen will go to one of those sources. I will post here when they are up there and the link.

Tim Clarke, Jr.: Oh yes, I will be set up and doing a show from Shore Leave, and hoping we can get an author or two to sit with me and join us live.

Dayton Ward was supposed to join us this week, but was unable, and that's cool. I will be interviewing him at Shore Leave. Several of the authors are now hooked up with me on Skype, and you never know when one will drop in!

I did read and try very hard to incorporate the feedback and constructive criticism we received, and hope it was a good listen. We are striving for the best show we can do, that is entertaining and also informative and looking at thing from the writing standpoint. We do talk about the episodes and STO writing, not just the books, but I think the Trek universe is large enough that we can incorporate all that.

Please keep in mind, this is my first podcast, and we ironing out the tech issues. I still think having the livestream is a fin idea from STO, as we visited our new "studio" this week, as well as the STO planet Defera and finally broadcast from the K-7 Lounge on Space Station K-7.

Looking forward to your feedback, and hope you continue on this journey with us. As soon as the links are up for this episode, I will post them here.

All the best.

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