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I think it's time you started because I've lost track of how many times you've voiced a rather drastic misconception. Seriously, at times I wonder if you're playing the same game as everyone else! Hell even reading the primary ones will do. It's easy really since you don't even have to actually read them. When you select one there's a little audio clip that reads it for you.
You've told me all that before.
With all due respect Reverend, that's your hang up not mine.
I enjoy the EXPERIENCE of MASS EFFECT more than the details. That's unusual for me, normally I love the details. I pay attention to some things in the Game but not others as I play. The characters are what make this Game for me it's why I replayed the first Mass Effect almost 20 times and the 2nd at least 5 times. It's truly and EPIC game.
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