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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

here are the latest additions to the Time Lord compendium..

the Type 91 war Tardis:

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another schematic page will be done for 56, which will detail the ship's colour scheme..

Type 91 War TARDIS

Less then 20 years before the beginning of the last Time War the first Type 91x TARDISes, prototypes for the Type 91, were created. Their default shapes are deliberately large and eye-catching - usually appearing to be gold space ships - massive spires of gold, with corkscrews at the tip and covered in spikes. The Type 91 would continue to be produced for at least the first 50 years of the Time War. They are equipped with a variety of weapons which can be launched from their Time Warp Silos including:


1. Earthshock Bombs consist of fission-fusion devices that create a tiny hole in the Space-Time Continuum. This creates massive amounts of radiation and intertemporal shock waves. These weapons were occasionally mounted on Type 40 TARDISes around the time of the Doctor's birth and were capable of reducing large asteroids to rubble.

2. Time Torpedoes are also launched from the Time Warp Silos of a War TARDIS. It takes a little over 30 seconds for them to reach their target. When they detonate, their target is frozen in a microsecond of space-time for several centuries. These weapons are capable of breaching even a TARDIS's defenses.

3. A Tuckson-Jacker Energy Weapon is based on the technology used in certain weather control systems. When set to broad spectrum, the Tuckson-Jacker Energy can tractor a TARDIS out of the Vortex and into real space. When set to pulse-mode, the Tuckson-Jacker Energy bursts are capable of penetrating a TARDIS Force Field. A successful hit renders both the TARDIS and the Time Lord operator incapacitated. Any Lesser humanoid species that was aboard would be killed.

4. An Artron Cannon, which is capable (at point blank range) of killing a Chronovore or an Eternal. A more general form of this weapon includes the ability to release an omni-directional psychic blast of Artron Energy by opening a direct wormhole to the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey. The resulting burst of Artron Energy will kill any Timeships that are within the blast radius. The blast will also destroy any Chronovores in the area.

5. A powerful Vortex Lance rounds out the offenses of a Type 91 War TARDIS.

Note: This design is slightly more accurate to the original and has additional spikes added, as well as some minor corrections. These War Spires were brass coloured with Gold in some areas, and a small bit of mirror like chrome. The Colour guide is next.

Temporal Anchor: as a War Tardis lands on solid ground, the bottom section below the main footing materializes under ground. This section anchors itself to that gravitational molecular Matter (planet). If a Dalek ship were to try to remove the War Tardis from it's anchor, it would have to drag the entire planet with it. this device was created to counter act Dalek Temporal Prison technology.

Weapon Nexus: A War Tardis weapons nexus is simply the portal generation system which accesses the weaponry from within the tardis by opening a time space bridge to launch it's weapons from. This includes energy weaponry and force field shielding. The Weapons nexus would create a ring of energy through which time torpedoes would launch at various enemy targets, with a full 360 degree accuracy, top and bottom. This energy ring would look like a halo around the ship's weapons Nexus section.

Twisted Spire This top section is a focus structure for the release of the Artron canon, it is modeled on the ancient Gallifreyan Symbols seen in the Tower of Rassilon from the Five Doctors special. In some cases this Spire was used to ram Dalek command ships, which once pierced their Arton canons were fired obliterating the enemy ships from within.[/QUOTE]

and the Mark I Starbreaker:

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The Mark I Starbreaker is a Gallifreyan class starship used to create the black hole that led to the energy source known as the eye of harmony. The IX series of the Time Lord Compendium chronicles the early Gallifreyan technology and planetary, galactic, and local structures.

Prior to the creation of the Time Lords, Rassilon headed the Prydonian Chapter. With Omega, he planned to make the star Qqaba go supernova. The energy released would enable the Gallifreyan race to travel through time, to become Time Lords. A saboteur from the future known as Fenris, caused the death of Omega (as the official story goes) but the time controller on Fenris' belt proved useful to him. (DWM: Star Death)

On the order of Grand Master of the Prydonian Chapter, Rassilon, Lord Griffen and Lady Jodelex await the collapse of the dying star, Qqaba. Fenris (also known as the Hell-Bringer) a mercenary from the future travels back in time to sabotage the experiment and change Time Lord history. He causes the ships' statis halos to fail leaving Lord Omega doomed to fall into the black hole. But Rassilon’s intervention sees Fenris dispatched and the experiment a success. Fenris’ discarded belt provides the much needed technology to utilise the new energy and will provide a form directional control.

As chronicled in Doctor Who Magazine #47


Omegan sunskippers, bowships and more to come..
" We will ascend, to become creatures of consciousness alone. Free of these bodies, free of time, and cause and effect, while creation itself ceases to be.." -Lord President Rassilon

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