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Re: Starship Enterprise: Strange New World.

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Right, I've finally got a few days off, so I can get on with the next bit. Again I apologise for the delays.

Timewalker, fullfathomfive, thanks for your input. It's good to have you along.

Jerriecan, please do post your Who fic. I'll be giving it a look. I've thought of doing some myself, but have difficulty deciding on a good in-universe explanation as to why the Doctor's companion has suddenly started wearing a catsuit.
First off, I'm really looking forward to more of this story! I've been reading through your 'broken Bow' re-imagining, and I'm thoroughly engrossed so far. I'll post in that thread when I get a chance.

And as for the catsuit... well, I came up with what i think is a good explanation for why my alternate-universe 7th Doctor's companion wore one. (Not Ace, but an alternate companion of my own making. I'll have to get posting so you can see... )

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