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The production has previously made arrangements with a composer whom we are confident can deliver what we need. We're sticking with that decision, but thanks for your interest.
Don't misinterpret me. I didn't say I was interested anymore, just that if it were me I would be staking out as many composers as possible and probably use at least two, if possible.
Why? If the producers have found one that they think has the right stuff, can deliver on time and has a sound they like, then why have "as many composers as possible"?

Seems like a pointless exercise.
You know, I was just thinking about that. It's like finding a wife. Having more than one candidate is always useful else we all just marry our neighbors. Once again it's that mysterious meant to be thing that brings together forces like the ones that created TOS, otherwise anything adequate and competant would do. What's the difference as it were. Well that's the thing. Nobody knows nor can know until until something else is heard or presents itself. It could not even be concieved nor imagined. Limiting your options is stupid. That might exclude something great but can a creator really know what's he's done until after he's done it? No. I believe in having an open door policy but living on the second floor and keeping personalities out of the equation which btw killed Star Trek.

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