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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 4: Part 3

“She isn’t going to say anything!” Brittany said.

Daria looked at the cheerleader. “Are you sure?” she asked. ‘She does look sure about it.’

“She looks like one of the bad guys in a war film whom are captured and won’t say anything, no matter what they try!” Brittany said.

‘That’s a disturbing concept,’ Daria thought as various images from the war films she had seen came into her mind. “OK. Here’s a deal. We will let you go and not try to tear you limb from limb if you give the following assurances.”

“And what are these assurances, Ms. Morgendorffer?”

“First: Stop trying to gain that emerald. You already have the school as a police state as it is. Second: Cindy gets off lightly for her tampering with the computer records. No expulsion or suspension. Put her on detention if you want to. Third: the same applies to Stacy. Fourth: we don’t mention what happened in this room to each other again.”

“And if I don’t give those assurances?” Ms. Li asked.

“We will try to tear you limb from limb,” Joey said.

“And I will go to the media about the purpose of this room. Once that happens, Anthony will tell the union,” Claire said.

“Fine! It’s probably not worth it due to the genie’s mischievousness anyway! But I will be keeping an eye on all of you!” she said.

Quinn, Tiffany, Jane and Joey let go.

Quinn went and comforted Stacy. “Are you ok?” Quinn asked.

“I’m better,” Stacy said.

“You need to go to class,” Claire said.

“If it’s still being held,” Jane said.

“I’m heading to my next class now. Though I am sure it will be disrupted somehow,” Claire said.

“I will go to class,” Jane said.

“So will I,” Daria said.

The students left the room. “It will take all next week to repair my office, and I have to locate the files that Ms. Brolsma misplaced!” Ms. Li complained. ‘I am going to be very busy!’ she thought.

“I think this is just the beginning. Who knows who has the emerald now,” Ms. Defoe said as she left the Server Room.

“I will find out, after I fix the mess that Ms. Brolsma made,” the principal said.

As the bell rang, and the gravity resumed, all of the students in the nurse’s office all collapsed upon each other.

“This is ridiculous,” Jennifer said.

“Now I can’t get to the phone!” Kristen said.

“We need to get everyone out,” Mrs. Manson said, as she pushed against the two sophomores and the nurse.

“I agree,” Kristen said. She then started climbing onto the group of people.

“Ouch!” Jennifer said as Kristen stepped on one of her hips.

“Sorry,” Kristen said. She managed to clamber onto the nurse’s desk. “This is going to take a while,” she said. She picked up the phone.

Sandi found a shower in the change rooms and began to wash herself and her clothes of all the muck that she had got on herself over lunch.

Elsewhere in the school, various classes started without many of the students who normally attended them. Some of the teachers weren’t present.

Throughout the school, confused students conferred with their friends about the events of the day.

Another patrolling squirrel arrived at the Glen Oaks post, bringing more news of unusual activity in Lawndale.

Captain Jaywi didn’t know what to make of it. “It may be linked to the genie, but then again, it may not,” he said.

“What are you going to do?” the other squirrel said.

“I am going to report it and another incident to the Emperor,” Captain Jaywi said. He filled the other squirrel in on the zero gravity at the school and then left him in charge of the outpost.

Both of Kristen’s parents arrived at the school twenty minutes after their daughter’s call. By then the nurse’s office was mostly empty.

“Kristen, how are you feeling?” her mother asked.

“Mostly fine, apart from this annoying vocal slowness,” Kristen said. ‘Thank goodness they are here!’

“That’s all she has been complaining about,” Jennifer said.

“Where’s Cindy?” Kristen’s mom asked.

“I suspect that she is in class, or hiding somewhere with that emerald,” Kristen said. ‘Either is possible,’ she thought.

“Yes. That is definitely something we need to find after we take you to the hospital,” her father said.

“You can look for it whilst I take her to the hospital,” his wife said.

Agent Leung looked at his wife. “Agreed,” he said.

“I will find Cindy,” Jennifer said.

“It would be better that you went to class,” Agent Bell said.

“I will tell Cindy, and Kelly,” Agent Leung said.

“If she is even at school today,” Kristen said.

Her parents looked at each other. They knew that their older daughter was a truant. “If she is here I will find her,” Agent Leung said.

“Let’s go,” Agent Bell said.

Kristen got up.

Sandi finished the shower and headed to class, after changing into a change of clothes she had in her locker.
“Zero gravity at the High School?” the Varmittan Emperor asked.

“Yes, your Majesty,” Captain Jaywi said.

“That is serious. We need to take drastic action!” the Emperor said.

“What sort of action?” Captain Jaywi asked.

“The humans cannot be trusted with the emerald! I will issue Order 303,” the Emperor said.

“Are you sure, Sire. It would be rather difficult to grab the emerald off a human, especially if they realise the full potential of it,” Captain Jaywi said.

“I will issue the order,” the Emperor said.

Captain Jaywi gulped. Order 303 stated that if any squirrel in Varmittan territory saw a human with a specific object, that they were to grab said object off the human... “Yes, Sire,” he said.

Agent Leung wandered the school, looking for the emerald and asking students about the Principal and the extra floor on the Science Block. He found Cindy in her Maths class.

“Mr. Leung, why are you here?” she asked.

“It has come to my attention that there is an emerald with unusual properties circulating around the school. Kristen mentioned that you had it last she knew.”

“I lost it,” Cindy said, and filled Agent Leung in on the events that happened in the Basement Server Room.

“Interesting, that confirms some of our suspicions about Ms. Li. I may also have to check that corridor.”

“I’m not in trouble for meddling with the Principal’s files?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. If nothing else I now need to talk to the principal. I also have to tell you that Kristen has gone to the hospital.”

“Oh no! What happened?” Cindy exclaimed.

Agent Leung filled her in on what happened to Kristen.

“Oh. I will be at the hospital after school,” Cindy said.

“By the way, have you seen Kelly?” Agent Leung asked.

“I haven’t seen her all day, but all these events have been happening too,” Cindy said.

Agent Leung said his farewells and Cindy went back into the Maths class. He went towards the Basement Server Room.

(Both Elias and Sandi were in a different Maths class so the Agent didn’t talk to them...)

Lawndale Offices of Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Rhiordan, Schrechter and Schrechter 3:15
Eric entered Helen’s office. “Helen, you are able to take the time off to talk to the other parents regarding that High School issue,” he said.

“Very good. When can I take the time off?” Helen said.

“Immediately, for the next hour and fifteen minutes,” Eric said. He left the office.

Helen turned to her secretary. “Marianne, hold any calls until I come back. It is likely I may be late. But I will be back at 4:50 at the latest,” she said.

“Yes, Helen,” Marianne said timidly.

Helen put some of her paperwork in her briefcase and left the office.

When Eric returned to his office he went to his phone and pressed the first speed dial option (The one marked with a large V). “Yes, sir, Mrs. Morgendorffer has left,” he said after the call was answered.

“Thankyou, sir,” he said and hung up, visibly sweating. Dealing with the Senior Partner was never easy.

The Senior Partner placed the phone back in its cradle. “Asshat!” he said.

He walked from the large desk over to the large window which looked out over Lawndale. He took a puff from his genuine Cuban cigar.
“So, Jean! We meet again!” Jim Vitale then smiled as he remembered his previous meeting with the genie...
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