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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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Precisely. And if Parallax actually has the power for FTL travel, which by itself is kinda preposterous, he should have been able to devour the entire population of Earth in less than a second...etc, etc.
And which part of this is less plausible and less logical than what happens every month in the comics?

None of it. Not one bit.
Yeah... it happens in EVERY comic EVERY month?

I'm sorry, Dennis, but, come on, not EVERY comic is this stupid. Sure, there are stupid comics with shallow characterization, and if you want to compare this movie to shallow poorly comics, fine. But there ARE good comics out there, like there are GOOD comic book movies.

If Green Lantern can't be a successful movie, then it can't - but this movie was observant and faithful to the spirit and most of the details of the Green Lantern comic.

And I agree with that actually. The details of the corps, etc, were accurate. But, movie making isn't just about getting facts right--well, except where the asteroid belt is--it's about character and story telling.

Maybe they need to make it something else to succeed on the big screen. Maybe they need to cast Keanu Reeves as Kyle Rayner or something, or Woody Harrellson as Guy Gardner blowing everything the fuck up.
Ryan Reynolds isn't to blame. The script (which seems to have had a lot of hands) and the direction are to blame. They didn't need to change casts, but change directors.

I liked this one. I'm going to see it in 3D again tomorrow evening.
I'm glad. I'm going to go see Super 8.

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@Professor Zoom...I wouldn't call "Green Lantern" "X3" has it's flaws, most of which you mentioned in your post but I would see and have seen "Green Lantern" multiple times. "X3" I've seen twice and refuse to watch again.
You might not. But, I would. I can't believe you saw X3 TWICE? Once wasn't punishment enough?! It took you TWO TIMES to refuse to watch it again? I don't get that.

And, yeah, I do think Green Lantern is worse. X3's biggest crime was character assassination. (And Wolverine deciding to fly, or bike back across the US to warn the X-men, rather than... I don't know, making a phone call.)

Green Lantern was just idiotic. They took all the beats of every other action/comic book movie (and not even the good beats) and put them into Green Lantern. For god's sake, they even had that moment where the Hero just barely saves a civilian who has to be told to RUN! Really? REALLY? A giant CGI cloud is approaching you and you STILL need to be told to RUN?
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